Month: June 2020

Beer League Doorkicker

Way back in 2011, someone started a post looking for “Morale” patches on the M4carbine forum. The third post came from IraqGuns talking about his “SPECIALFORCESNAVYSEALRECONAIRFORCENINJAPJ” patch This thread did what threads do but eventually “LOKNLOD” and “misanthropist” stumbled upon Beer League Doorkicker.misanthropist, who was or is an Editor at Calibre magazine, spent two hours …

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Here is an in-depth interview we did with Range Recon during Shot show Hear all about what we are trying to do with Quantified Performance Here Be sure to spend some time with Range Recon while you are there. Ash


Bullet Drop Compensators (BDC) are not new. You can see them on rifles as soon as we started using iron sights for aimed fire. The concept is straight forward, and they have worked very well. A BDC is designed around a specific load in a specific rifle under specific environmental conditions. The closer you are …

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The More You Know

Our feature article this week comes from one of our members and competitors Shannon Posada. This article is designed to educate. MYTHBUSTERS:  THE “CASTLE DOCTRINE” DOES NOT APPLY TO VEHICLES As a fellow firearms enthusiast and competition shooter, I love seeing like-minded folks engage in the passion of shooting.  While training is key, along with …

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Please Welcome

One of the things we truly enjoy at Quantified Performance is getting to spend time with Subject Matter Experts in various fields. We do our best to bring some of that knowledge to our members in some fashion. We would like to introduce you to Shannon Posada. Shannon and her husband Abel spend a great …

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