I wanna go fast: finding the edge

Part 1 of a 4 part series.

This was a post from Frank Woods(Pseud) and I thought it was a good way to introduce a couple of guys that have been and will be taking a larger role in the future with Quantified Performance members.

First, here is the post

“So as I was collecting my thoughts and writing down my takeaways from No Fail to share with you guys, I took a moment to hit up Chuck on the side and said, hey man, what were some things you noticed about my performance that could use improvement? What stood out?

Aside from the equipment issues that I made note of in my AAR, the only thing Chuck mentioned was my speed. In particular, he told me “Fast twitch, speed, explosive movement. Faster shooting isn’t about shooting faster, it’s a mental thing. It’s about doing the other things that are not shooting sooner. It’s a mental thing. A hunger to get there and get set, or to get the gun in front of your face, or a straight desire to be first or whatever.”

I asked if it was something reps could fix. Chuck said, “Repetition will make you more efficient and clean up wasted movement, but you need the mental drive.”

I brought up my 100y shot on steel with my rifle in .92 seconds. I asked, “Do you think it was just the reps that got me that .92 rifle shot on steel from 100 or was that an example of what you’re referring to?” He broke it down like this: “Reps got the gun on target. Explosive movement got it there sooner.”

Why I’m bringing this up: Is this concept something any of you are familiar with? Is it something you learned, or something you showed up with? What practice techniques do you use to keep this skill sharp? Was it explained to you in a different way that led you to the same place/end result? “

I sent this directly to Joseph Plandowski of Hat Trick Consultation and Todd Pratt of 7 Athlete. They both responded from their areas of expertise. I will first talk about Joe as his response will be part 2. Joe holds a Master’s degree in Sports Psychology and has been working with Soldiers of the 10th Mountain and 101st Airborne and competitors for many years. He has coached teams in the International Sniper Competition several times and worked closely with all the 10th Mountain teams going to high level MOS competitions.

Next is Todd Pratt. Todd and been a kinesiologist for over 20 years. His focus has been professional strength and conditioning as well as injury rehabilitation.  He has served as a strength and conditioning coach for Texas A&M University, the Seattle Seahawks, and many other athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, USSA, NCAA, LE, US military, etc.

Both of these gentlemen are working closely with Quantified Performance to assist our Members and competitors in their growth.

Part 2 will be Joe’s response, Part 3 will be Todd’s, and we will close out the series with my take a way’s from my chair.

More to follow