I wanna go fast Part 2

Read part 1 if you want to know what this is about

Joseph Plandowski of Hat Trick Consultation responded to Part one with the following.

First, there is something to be said about nature vs. nurture and that genetics does play a part in performance and the physical makeup of your body. Also, everyone has an innate levels of physical skills and cognitive/mental processing speed from their genetic makeup, but without practice these innate genetic skills become stagnant or perishable when not practiced and developed. Also, even if someone doesn’t have high levels of innate skills, through practice these skills through deliberate practice can be developed. Also the body adapts to use their developed and genetic skills in a way that becomes their style to be successful and perform well. Just like different shooters have different techniques and shooting styles. Shooters’ styles can be similar but have makes differences.

Through deliberate practice of cognitive/mental skills you can improve/cognitive processing time (increase speed of processing) along with improving neural networks to improve physical performance/speed. First, I to work on your focus and determine what you to focus on before pulling the trigger, while taking shot, and after taking the shot. You have to develop your way of staying in the present so you are deliberate in what your thoughts are focused on and your shooting process so your focus is on relevant things not irrelevant things/distractions. By deliberately practicing you physical and mental game plan you will start forming cognitive processes and neural connections that will strengthen and eventually become habit/automatic process. Imagery is also another way to develop and strengthen these neural pathways.

Developing your focus and imagery skills and deliberately practicing them simultaneously with your physical skills you will be able to increase your processing speed and physical speed by being focused onĀ  the relevant and irrelevant information. Also, setting process goals for your self in regards to shooting. Process goals are goals that focus on the things involved in the process of a performance/what you need to develop to achieve the outcome goal of hitting your target or running a clean stage fast or as effectively as possible. Basically what are the small steps/skills of marksmanship from before pulling the trigger all the way to trigger reset/follow through.

Part three will be from Todd Pratt of 7Athlete