The next Quantified Performance match is less than 2 weeks away. There will be 120 people ranging from Champions and industry professionals all the way to some shooting their first match. They will be challenged on eight stages focused on a particular skill set for time. Only hits count and the clock is always ticking. At the end of the day, prizes and trophies will be handed out to the fastest in three divisions.

I wanted to write today to answer some questions some of you may have asked.

“Why should I compete?”

I spent many years as a student and a trainer. During a class, the drill you shoot is part of the curriculum or the learning process. Pro trainers are trying to take you somewhere by the end of the class. Its awesome if you nail the drill, but its not the goal. The goal is to get you to a point for the next lesson. Or at least, it should be. Now, a match, regardless of the type, isn’t trying to take you anywhere. Its trying to see how good you are. Its testing planning, problem solving, and skill. It is testing you against all that show up. If you have invested a ton into training, there is a match that will allow you to apply that hard earned skill set. All the certificates in the world mean nothing if you can’t apply it on demand.

“What if I don’t want to game it?”

At a quality match, gaming it probably won’t change the outcome of the stage. I have seen many stages that any sort of gaming didn’t help. Some times though, a planned reload or a position can give you a slight edge, but not one that can overcome missing targets. I have seen stages that are more circus than shooting. These are usually at lower level matches with people who are trying to make something harder than the range will allow.

Gaming though is different that setting conditions to win. This means gaining advantages where you can. My competition rigs don’t have back up sights, lights or lasers. The only have what is needed for the match. While those things would not really be a detriment, weight savings, lack of things to get caught on, and ease of use keep them off the rig. The objective is to win THAT match, that day. Striving to win is part of the deal.

“I have never shot a match before and I don’t know what I am doing. I don’t like to lose. How will I do”

Everyone at the match had to shoot their first match. There is only one winner per division. No matter what. The more people at the match, the more people there are not sitting in first place. The question becomes what did you get from it. My first PRS match I fought like hell just to stay mid pack. What I got from it though was a validation of all the shooting I had been doing, the process I used, and the mental aspect I had been preaching. I got that from a mid-pack finish. Comparatively, I got that for less than half what you pay for a Pro Trainer tuition and half the ammo. I also met a bunch of cool people, learned as much as I would have from a training course, and even got something off the prize table.

As for Quantified Performance, many of the competitors are members. Our members are getting together virtually and in person to help each other get better. They spend the months between matches getting ready, building rifles, and practicing. We try to provide content that helps them on their journey from sports psychology, kinesiology, shooting skills, experience and tips. We all strive to get everyone better for the next match (which sucks for me, the match director, to come up with stages that will continue to challenge them by the way)
In fact, for most of them, the prize table which I spend a lot of time working on, is the least important part. Do not get that twisted though, once they get that prize they light up like a kid on Christmas. I know a good portion would still attend even if there was no prize table.

To close I want to thank the sponsors and the competitors for making this thing we are doing successful.   

Thank you

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