Range Day

The Quantified Performance team finally got a good range day in. Precision Shooting Services runs a session once a month at the long-distance side of Volusia County Gun and Hunt Club. The targets range from 300 to 1000 yards. Following the safety brief the range went hot. The hardest part was balancing who was shooting at what. My main goal was to work up data on the Knight’s Armament Carbine for the up coming Florida Defensive Carbine Club SPR match. We also needed to shake out the new upper with the T-Box Barrel. Jack showed up later to get velocity his slew of blasters.

KAC 14.5 with Steiner M8Xi

The interesting part was trying to maintain some semblance of Corona Spacing. Their answer was to have people shoot from around or in their vehicles. This helped in a way to see targets above the grass, but I will tell you, there is not a lot of room in the back of a Tundra for blasters, spotting scopes and people.

rifle and scope
KAC Carbine

Winds were full value from the right and early in the day they were shifting from 4-8MPH but later moved to intermittent gusts of up to 10.

Evelyn with her T-Box upper with KAC rail

I took the 14.5 out to 611 on a 10-inch plate. The 400 was easy day and we spent a lot of time on the 571-yard target. Evelyn did the same with the T-Box gun.  

The 11.5 was good out to 400 but the 571 proved elusive.

All in all, was a great day to break the rust off and get some data. Positional dry firing helps but rounds down range are needed.