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Our mantra here at Quantified Performance is “Connecting Companies of Value with Customers of Prominence.” We haven’t discussed it much so here is what it means to us. We define Companies of Value as companies large or small that are putting out a product that can demonstrate performance we expect from ourselves and our equipment. Buying a product from the companies we work with generally means you will be getting high quality, reliable and correct products and services. They bring Value to the user. We have not only sponsors but many companies we are working with to connect them with you the customer.

A customer of prominence means that you, the Quantified Performance member, are farther along the path than most customers. You are willing to compete, understand high performance, and most importantly understand the value mentioned above. You demand quality and are very likely to run the equipment up to and beyond design parameters, and have demonstrated it.

For the companies, this means you to have value. They know that you will use and be public about that use. You will also recommend products that meet or exceed your expectations to others. They know that many of you are leaders in the shooting sports and just the continued use of a product is in itself an endorsement.

This is why we are trying to bring everyone together in the Members group, in training and in the matches. Thus far we have been successful in that endeavor, but we are expanding.

In August, we are doing collaboration with Spartan Development group to lay out a weekend train up class for our Weekend style matches. This will be a two day event spearheaded by Spartan Development Group. We will come away with some highlights and some baseline information that we will share part of with any of those in the training industry who may want to run a course like that.

Labor Day weekend we are sponsoring the Florida Defensive Carbine Club’s SPR match at the Ancient City Range in St Augustine, Florida. This match has been running a long time and is our baseline for our drive to have locally run Quantified Performance style matches. Our goal is to have one of these single day events running in every state every few months in between the Weekend matches.

We are also looking at adding two venues for a total of four Weekend events per year. We are currently in the early stages of this but we are optimistic. We have several interested locations in the great State of Texas and Florida.  We will remain at the Arena Training Facility for the spring and fall as long as they will have us.

We just wanted to take a few minutes to bring you all up to date on what we are doing.

We hope to see many of you in the next few months.

Shoot Fast, Shoot far.

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