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Injury prevention – Tim Dellwo, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

As a fellow firearms enthusiast and competition shooter, I love seeing like-minded folks engage in the passion of shooting. It hurts me to see people sustain injuries while shooting or because of shooting, and no I’m not talking about self inflected gunshot wounds. How many of you have shot a match or taken a class …

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Bullet Drop Compensators (BDC) are not new. You can see them on rifles as soon as we started using iron sights for aimed fire. The concept is straight forward, and they have worked very well. A BDC is designed around a specific load in a specific rifle under specific environmental conditions. The closer you are …

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I was talking with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts the other day about reloads, specifically reloads for the semi auto precision rifle. While the context was designated marksman, the technique discussed was based on keeping the rifle on the bipod and bag for the reload. This got me thinking about the reloads I have had …

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