The Basics: It is a Process and That is Critical.

This is a 2 part series by Kurt Bertram. Kurt is currently pursuing a degree in Human Factors Psychology from Embry-Riddle. In a past like he was a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment.-Ash Hess Introduction: The change made in 2016 from “Fundamentals” to “The Shot Process” was significant. I know, I know, many readers …

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Match thoughts

Chasing the dragon Thoughts from Jack Leuba After every match, many times before the final stage is even shot, I am drawn into several conversations focused on improving match performance. Well, that’s not truly accurate; the discussion should be about improving performance, but they’re usually really about placing higher and getting better stuff off the …

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Beer League Doorkicker

Way back in 2011, someone started a post looking for “Morale” patches on the M4carbine forum. The third post came from IraqGuns talking about his “SPECIALFORCESNAVYSEALRECONAIRFORCENINJAPJ” patch This thread did what threads do but eventually “LOKNLOD” and “misanthropist” stumbled upon Beer League Doorkicker.misanthropist, who was or is an Editor at Calibre magazine, spent two hours …

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Here is an in-depth interview we did with Range Recon during Shot show Hear all about what we are trying to do with Quantified Performance Here Be sure to spend some time with Range Recon while you are there. Ash

Please Welcome

One of the things we truly enjoy at Quantified Performance is getting to spend time with Subject Matter Experts in various fields. We do our best to bring some of that knowledge to our members in some fashion. We would like to introduce you to Shannon Posada. Shannon and her husband Abel spend a great …

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If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. – Peter Drucker This quote is used in a lot of articles on business but applies to what we are trying to do here. The name even highlights it. We want to improve not only ourselves but those around us. We have a few common ways …

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