Goal Setting- Beyond Range & Off Range Training Goals:

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            In a previous post I discussed the Goal Setting Process that included a discussion about the processes of goal setting and the different types of goals. If you haven’t read this post, I suggest you go back and read that post before this one since I will not be reviewing the definitions of these terms in this post. Ash Hess in a previous post brought up the topic of believing one cannot financially afford a rifle/gun/pistol and other equipment that would allow them to be competitive in competitions and that this can lead to shooters giving up and not participating in a competition. Basically, already defeating themselves before the competition or not even attempting to compete.

First things first

            In one of my first posts, I discussed Beck’s cognitive model and how thoughts affect your emotions, physiology, behavior, and ultimately your performance. The end affect of the thought that I cannot afford the uber expensive, cool, sexy gun and equipment and ammo that you think or that others say you need be competitive, is you won’t even try or set a plan of how to acquire this equipment and ultimately not sign-up/shoot in competitions. This again is the self-fulfilling prophecy, if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right on both counts. You have defeated yourself before you have even started to compete. So, the first step is to start thinking adaptively in regards to how to acquire the equipment that you need to shoot well at a competition. Instead of thinking this is an impossible situation, start thinking of how you will solve this problem of being able to afford/acquire competition level of equipment.

Setting Goals  

          Before you start going into a goal setting process you need to identify your expectations and really answer the question of what is it that you really need to be competitive and not just believe all the hype and possible brand loyalty that is out there and may come from other shooters and the shooting industry. Consider the source of this information. I am not an expert on firearms and equipment. Hess, I think has covered this well in multiple of his posts. Next, what is it you want to do and accomplish in a competition? Set realistic goals and expectations of what you want to achieve, there is a distinct possibility you are not going to win or be in the top 3 in your first competition. This is a journey and not a 100yrd dash/sprint, this can take some time. Start setting SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Action Focused/Adjustable, Realistic, Time Based). Set a goal of how much you want/can afford to spend on a gun, optics, ammo, and other equipment. Determine what you really need to be competitive. Just because something is cool and sexy and “Everyone is using this/has one.” does not necessarily mean you need it. After determining this set goals in regards to an over all budget in how much you can save per month/per paycheck towards equipment and training. Your monthly expenses in regards to housing, food, transportation, etc. should be considered in this process. If you do this, you will eventually get to your goal.

            Don’t get in your head about what other people have and what they run and start down the road of thinking that, “Wow, must be nice to have sponsors.” or “Must be nice to be able to afford that.” or “Sure wish I had friends or contacts in (insert company)”. Thinking this way will distract you from your process and shooting and you will defeat yourself before you even get to a competition and before the competition/stage even starts. Focus on what you need to do to be competitive and shoot well and not on extraneous and irrelevant things to your shooting.

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