Beer League Doorkicker

Way back in 2011, someone started a post looking for “Morale” patches on the M4carbine forum.

The third post came from IraqGuns talking about his “SPECIALFORCESNAVYSEALRECONAIRFORCENINJAPJ” patch

This thread did what threads do but eventually “LOKNLOD” and “misanthropist” stumbled upon Beer League Doorkicker.
misanthropist, who was or is an Editor at Calibre magazine, spent two hours making the art you see here.

I have no idea if anyone actually made the patch before now, but you can now purchase the culmination of a thread looking for “Morale Patches… Civvie safe”

The Beer League Doorkicker is a spoof of the Major League shenanigans of the Era. It still fits today as we are still faced with those deep into Tactical Cosplay who, while possessing hard earned skills in urban operations, will never be in real Tactical units.

Join us in the Beer League

If you happen to know the real people behind the screen names let us know.

They are available at Modern Armory here.