I wanna go Fast… Part 4 from Ash Hess

If you read parts 1, 2, and 3, you got to see three perspectives on learning and getting better. Three separate SMEs from three different backgrounds, focus and actual experience agreed on some very important points.

Now how is this valuable to you.

First is the desire to win. It may be a stage, a match, a violent encounter, or combat operation. You have to accept it, cultivate it and apply it to all you practice and training. It does not have to be something that is publicly displayed or even talked about, but when it comes time to put a sight in between your eye and a target with the intent of sending a projectile at it, that desire needs to be at full power.

That desire is just one piece of the puzzle. Efficiency in both mental and physical realms is necessary. Your shot process has both realms involved and needs to be seemless. The more efficient we are, the faster we will be with less exertion. This keeps you mentally sharp and fast.

Being fast and efficient with overwhelming desire to win does not make a winner. This is where the top end gear comes into the equation. By quantifying all your efforts, you will be able to find the weak points or failure points.

This allows you focus on that change and not unneeded items.

Following the last match, there was a big push for different calibers. If you look at what cost most of you time, it wasn’t anything found in a caliber with a ballistic advantage.

It was a lack of stability, a lack of efficiency when building or changing positions, and the speed at which those changes were made. Focusing on data, making the proper upgrade and applying that upgrade is the path.

That desire to win, should be glowing in the background and making you analyze the path for upgrades. If you are honest, you will spend more time with our SMEs say and less on ballistic charts.

That is, if you really want to be the fastest with the mostest.

You have to understand that you are a system. Everything must be running at 100%. Even that does not guarantee a win, but you will get the best individual performance possible. That is a win, regardless of where you finish, as we discussed with our top finishers prior to the last match.