Scored shots, low cost

As some of you know, I have been using Mantis X for a long time. In its full form, it gives you great data and fairly accurate suggestions to improve. That though isn’t the long-term value of Mantis X. Long term is found in using it as a data logger just like a race car. I used it in this manner for an F class match.


How we are using it

Being able to track your muzzle rise, reset time, path of recoil and many other factors can quantify a lot about your shooting style and set up. You can literally track what the firearm is doing under live fire. You can figure out the difference in performance at the firearm between ammo types, a position, a trick you heard, that muzzle device you bought, even things like buffer weights. Under dry fire, being able to score your shots, detect minuscule errors, and test set ups. Currently we are suffering an ammo shortage, yet the show must go on. A low investment into a Mantis X now will keep you on the path to glory.

Later this month, we are doing a class with Spartan Development Group to get people better at gas gun shooting. To help people conserve ammo, we are going to be using Mantis in one of its recommended roles. As we teach positions and various other drills, we are going to have them running Mantis.Once they have nearly perfected the technique, then go live. Rather than using precious ammunition learning, they will be working mantis until scores are adequate then “graduate.” This will allow us also to show the difference in a live shot versus dry. We will be able to show how the technique can lead to faster follow up shots or better first time hit ratios. With current prices, every shot on the mantis saves around a dollar. This class will probably save people enough money to buy their own Mantis.

To close…

Speaking of the class, it will have both Jack and I plus Mark Wallach who took first place in our Practical Precision at the last match. While going to the class will not get you intel on the match,  showing up will help you with your shooting. 

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If you are a member of Quantified Performance, there is a discount code available. (PROTIP you will save more on a Mantis than the membership dues for the year)