Month: July 2020

Well, Duh

The working title for this article is well, duh Much of the shooting I have been doing recently has been precision based. Shooting the low and slow stuff has been a good reminder of some things that I think many of us take for granted. Maybe it is just mid-grade shooters like me, but you …

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F Class Part 2

Part 2 Many of you asked “what is F Class” after part 1. Well, the answer is I still do not know. The rules are vague, yet oddly specific on some things. It is NRA and weird. The match I shot was a club level event and while they were cool, just like any group, …

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F Class Part 1

Today I participated in my first F Class event. It is at my local range and they do it every month. I have been getting the itch to compete and this was first thing that popped up. I arrived with more questions than answers and that pretty much how the day went. Before I get …

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